Hamilton Rich congratulates the founders of Happen Business Pty Limited on the sale of their business to Jonas Software AUS Pty Ltd.

Happen is a leading provider of ERP software to technology, services and distribution verticals.

Paul Berger, Happen founder and former majority shareholder commented

“Selling my business, my biggest financial asset and my legacy could have been an intolerably stressful process. Hamilton Rich provided the expert guidance that reduced risk and stress while providing me with a great outcome.

“I had an initial conversation with Michael Mahoney and Tony Holley from Hamilton Rich nearly 2 years ago. They prepared me for what the process would involve; the options I would likely have, the trade-offs associated with each option, and how to best prepare.  We started the process in August last year and, while I had some periods of intense effort, I feel very lucky to have had Michael and Tony to expertly guide me and negotiate a win/win deal exceeding my initial expectations. I am confident that my business, customers and staff will be well looked after by Jonas; they have a culture of world class customer service, software development, training and staff empowerment. A great outcome for all parties.”

Tony Holley said

“We at Hamilton Rich are delighted to have created the desired outcome for the vendors”

Jonas Software, a division of Canadian company Constellation Software Inc, specialises in acquiring and growing great software companies like Happen Business.

In joining Jonas Software, Happen Business will adopt a ‘business as usual’ approach, continuing to operate with the current staff under the existing name, with the same products, services and development approach to Jim2 Business Engine. It’s a great outcome for all customers, staff, products and services.

If you are considering selling your business or for further information,
contact Tony Holley on 0417313136