Read these endorsements and find out what businesses have to say about the corporate advisory services and executive recruiting services of Hamilton Rich.

Corporate Advisory Project

We recently engaged Hamilton Rich to complete an important corporate advisory project. They completed that work quickly and effectively, while taking time to really understand our business and market, and my requirements as the company owner. I’d also note how well Tony and Michael work as a team to arrive at well-considered views.

Grant ButlerMD, Editor Group, Sydney

CEO Advisor

The role of CEO is a very solitary position. Often quoted as the toughest and loneliest job in business. Everyone in the organisation is quick to come to the CEO for advice, decisions and strategy but where can the CEO seek unbiased, informed, professional advice?

In my thirty years in the CEO chair, both in public and private companies, I have often sought out external advice. Some advisors have been very good whilst others have fallen into the category of “Consultants are a black hole into which to throw money”.

Hamilton Rich are different. This firm stands out in terms of the depth of experience offered combined with a level of commercial savvy and forward thinking rarely seen in other consultancies.

Michael Mahoney has been my advisor, mentor and sounding board for many years. He has worked closely with me and provided invaluable M&A advice on six successful acquisitions in addition to due diligence work on a number of other opportunities where his advice has ultimately been to walk away.

He is a champion for growth but has a very strong position on risk. I know firsthand that he sees his role as providing advice that, if implemented, eliminates risk. This is the key reason that I have engaged Michael for a number of M&A negotiations.

Michael brings to the table a sound sense of perspective, insightful strategic planning skills and accounting and financial management experience at the highest level. His contribution to my company should be listed on our balance sheet as one of our most important assets.

Ian GarrowCEO, Amcla Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia

Recruiting and Business Ownership Transition

I’ve always believed success comes from bringing in the right expertise and have no hesitation in recommending Tony. He has always been highly responsive and professional in our interactions, and helped me achieve some great outcomes in areas including recruiting key staff and business ownership transition.

Rod MacqueenFormer World Cup winning Wallabies coach, Chairman of Advantage Line and author of One Step Ahead, NSW, Australia

Following Michael Mahoney to Hamilton Rich

I have known Michael Mahoney since 1992 and enjoyed working with him during his time as CFO & CEO at HGL Limited. In 1994, BOC Ophthalmic Instruments was established as a joint venture with HGL and Michael was appointed as a Director.

Michael was always available as an objective sounding board whenever I needed advise or assistance with BOC business strategy. He always displayed a very sensible collaborative approach in tackling business issues, including overseas supplier discussions, local marketing ideas and staff situations. He is very personable in dealing with people and his attendance and input at BOC staff functions including sales & training seminars was always valuable.

Michael demonstrated a practical business common-sense in tackling difficult situations and was very supportive in looking at ideas outside the normal square. I can personally acknowledge Michael’s role with the ongoing success of BOC Ophthalmic Instruments through strategies we developed over 20 years of working together.

Tony CosentinoManaging Director, BOC Ophthalmic Instruments Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia