Second most common mistake business owners make when selling their business

Mistake #2 – Not understanding who might want to buy your business

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5 mistakes when selling a business in Australia

5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Selling Their Business

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Corporate Advisors to Sell Business in Sydney

Who Should I Choose to Sell My Business

Selling your Small to Medium Sized Business in Sydney

Who Should I choose to be my Corporate (or Business) Advisor?

Let’s say that you own an excellent SME business, you are an expert at running it, but you feel it is time to sell.

Maybe your motivation to sell is due to ill-health, waning enthusiasm, or a desire to retire and enjoy the wealth you have created. You are of course an expert at running your business but you realise that you are not an expert at selling businesses. Who should you turn to? Read more

cost / fees to sell business in Australia

What Should I Pay To Sell My Australian SME Business

Selling your Small or Medium Sized Business

What Should I Pay a Corporate (or Business) Adviser?

At its’ most simplistic level you should pay a rate commensurate with the likely sale proceeds, the degree of difficulty in achieving the right sale price, and the necessary skills and time commitment the adviser will need to achieve that result. Read more

Psychometric Testing in Recruitment – What a Complete Waste of Time?

Let’s be honest, lots of psychometric testing is a load of old rubbish used by inexperienced, inept, ignorant recruiters who have little real world business experience.

Used sparingly it can of course complement real world expertise, but it can’t replace it.

Can you do a better job selecting your own staff than a 25-year-old backpacking psychometric test wielding recruiter can do? Of course you can.

But, and this is a big but (that is not a gag), are you perfect at picking staff? I wonder.

Let’s consider just 3 of the many challenges involved in recruitment. Read more

May 2016 Hamilton Rich anniversary

Thank You to our Clients and Friends


Having just completed our first year we thank our clients and friends for their tremendous support.
We thank those who have reconnected and sought out our services, we thank those who have referred work to us and we thank all those new clients whose faith and trust we treasure.

As we like and trust you it is no surprise that the last year has shown that referrals have provided many wonderful clients.

Our client assignments have included: Read more

Hints for survival as an Interim Manager

Run the Business as a Business

The most important advice anyone can give you about operating as an Interim Manager is to treat it like a business and ensure you separate out your personal and business commitments. This applies equally to whether you are employed as a casual employee or as a sub contractor. If you feel you can’t cope with running the business seek professional help to do so. Read more

Setting up as an Interim Manager

Thinking of becoming an Interim Manager?

Taking the step away from permanent paid employment can be daunting and is not for everyone. Many people prefer the security of working within a corporate environment.  However, working as an Interim Manager can be seen as a full time profession and has many benefits such as choosing where and when you work and having direct control of your earnings
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Man with a Hammer Syndrome


Abraham Maslow famously said in 1966,

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

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