business buyer's advocate service

Business Buyer’s Advocate Service

Are you looking to purchase a business in Australia?
Do you need assistance with the due diligence?
Are you looking for a corporate advisor to help with the purchase process?

The Corporate Advisors of Hamilton Rich provides a business buyers advocate service to help those looking to purchase a business in the Sydney area. Our experience has shown that we can advise you through the purchase process and often save you money off the purchase price.


Because few people buy or sell more than one business in a lifetime, you are at a disadvantage during the process of buying a business. Read the article Tony Holley wrote , “Are you a Virgin?“, it outlines some of the challenges first time buyers have.

Our Business Buyer’s Advocate Services include but are not limited to:

  • Find a suitable business – Help you find a suitable business in or near Sydney.
  • Due Diligence – We help you follow a due diligence checklist and process for the purchase of your business.
  • Purchase Price Negotiation – Negotiating the purchase is much more than having a purchase price number in mind. We’ll help you get the price and much more.


A corporate advisor guides you through the process of buying a business or helps you at any step along the way. For instance you might have found what you think is the perfect business, but the experienced and objective views of the corporate advisors may help you make the right arguments, concessions, and have a greater understanding of the future performance of the business.


The corporate advisors of Hamilton Rich have experience buying and selling listed and SME businesses for over 30 years. We understand your goals and those of the prospective purchasers. We know what needs to be done.
The corporate advisory team at Hamilton Rich specialise in selling Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia, that is our focus.

We have the skills, experience and commitment to help you achieve the best purchase price without unnecessary risk or the mistake of buying a job.

We guarantee our Business Buyer’s Advocate service will save you money;
either on the purchase negotiation or by avoiding the purchase altogether.
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