Selling your business? A practical Guide

Announcement – NEW eBook on Selling Your Business

Hamilton Rich is pleased to announce the release of their FREE, downloadable ebook – “Selling Your Business? A Practical Guide”.

Selling Your Business?
A Practical Guide

Introduction (Excerpt)

Some years ago someone asked a friend of mine if he had read a certain business book. Our friend’s response was “No, I run businesses, I don’t read books about running them”. That friend was typical of most of our clients at Hamilton Rich. He is very good at running businesses and didn’t’ need any “help” from a business book.

Recently that same friend decided he wanted to consider selling his business. He acknowledged that, although he was an expert at running businesses, he was a novice when it came to selling a business.

That friend turned to us at Hamilton Rich to help him decide whether he really should sell, how he would sell, and what his business was worth. Once he had worked through those important decisions with us he asked Hamilton Rich to help him achieve the sale and to do so in a manner that did not disrupt his business, ensured he received full value and had limited risk of any subsequent warranty claim from the purchaser.

This book is written with that friend in mind and aims to help business owners who acknowledge that selling their business is one of the most important things they will ever do.

download Selling Your Business? A Practical Guide PDFTable of Contents

  • Five Mistakes Business Owners Make when Selling their Small of Medium Sized Business
  • What is involved in Selling My Business?
  • Warranties – Don’t put your money at risk
  • What Should I Pay to Sell My SME Business?
  • Who Should I Choose to Sell My Business?
  • Summary

download free ebook on how to sell your business

We know that many of you will only read the first few pages of this e-book, that is why we start with the Five Mistakes Business Owners Make when Selling Their Small or Medium Sized Business, hopefully those examples will encourage you to read on or give us a call.

Please feel free to call Tony Holley or Michael Mahoney to have a no obligation discussion about your business.